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Christmas Tips for Ecommerce Sellers
Tip #1
Offer free delivery, even a single Free Shipping Day. Learn more about how to use free shipping to boost your ecommerce sales.

Tip #2
Offer fast delivery on top of the standard delivery option. The thought of Christmas gifts not arriving on time is a source ...

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Onye Kera - 12 Dec 2018
Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas for your Clients
The Christmas season is here, which means it's time to buy gifts for those clients that have affected your business positively during the year. If you're a little light on funds, the following are ideas for inexpensive Christmas gifts.

It is easy to blow your budget and run up credit cards ...

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Akosa Maduka - 08 Dec 2018
What It Takes To Succeed In Business
Business is tough in today's world! Most small businesses go bankrupt or else are closed abruptly in the first five years. Over the course of the next five years many of the remainders also “pack up” shop and lock their doors. Why do so many businesses fail?

The reasons lie in three ma ...

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Onye Kera - 28 Nov 2018
Set Goals For Your Business and with Your Employees
A goal that remains in your "mind" only is not an achievable goal. Just thinking about wanting to accomplish something is not enough. If we never write down a goal, it can never make the transition to being fulfilled. It's the difference between dreaming and goal setting. And how many dreams actuall ...
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Onye Kera - 18 Nov 2018
The Simplest Solution To Customer Satisfaction
"Thank you for calling XYZ Company. Your call is important to us but not important enough for us to answer it. Please hold for eternity or else leave a message and a representative will contact you as soon as it is convenient for us."

If you've ever used the telephone to contact a business ...

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Debo Layinka - 18 Oct 2018